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An Interactive Study Environment about
Juan Bautista de Anza and his 18th Century Expeditions
to “Alta California” 1774 -1776


Travel diaries and letters written by Juan Bautista de Anza, Pedro Font, Francisco Garcés, and others pertaining to 18th century Spanish colonial expeditions to “Alta California.” English translations are linked to Spanish transcriptions of original manuscripts.



Images, maps, and supplementary documents provided to support understanding and enrich appreciation of archival material. Anza's diary of the 1775-1776 colonizing expedition has embedded resources (definitions & explanations) to help clarify the text.


Historical context for the Anza expeditions. information on the Web de Anza Project (1997-2021), its funding, key personnel, and collaborating organizations. Acknowledgements, copyright information, and contact details.


Search the diaries for keywords, peoples' names, places, objects, etc. Search results organized by diary and by date and presented within surrounding paragraph for context. Search results also link directly back to the diaries.